Arturo Clément Diaz

Founder of SalmonEx

Arturo Clément Diaz has been involved in the Chilean salmon industry since 1988—the very early days of salmon farming—and has been one of the pioneers who helped lead the industry in becoming one of the world’s largest producers of salmon. He started his career working for foods corporations as Bresler and Unifrutti and for the Goverment Agency, Odeplan, joining the company known then as Salmones Multiexport , which became MultiexportFoods in 1989.

In his role as CEO, Mr. Clément directed the vertical integration of the company, implementing a development plan that made MultiexportFoods one of the most efficiently run organizations in the world. He set up the company’s commercial office in Miami, Florida (USA), which served as the distribution and sales office for North America and the same office in Tokyo, Japan. In 2007, Mr. Clément took the company public, giving Multiexport Foods the distinction of being the second Chilean salmon company to be listed on the Chilean Stock Exchange—the Bolsa de Comercio –in Santiago.

He left Multiexport in 2010 focus on developing new business in the salmon industry, SalmonEx is one of them. Mr. Clément studied Civil Engineering at the Universidad de Chile, and he also participated in a Management Training Program in Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez in year 2000 and a Diploma in Management Abilities in the Department of Industrial Engineering in Universidad de Chile in year 2005.

Javier Peró Ovalle

Product Manager SalmonEx

Javier Peró join SalmonEx in January of 2013. He earned his degree in Civil Engineering and Construction Management from the Catholic University of Chile. Mr Peró has been involved in the copper mining & construction industry in Chile, in the development of medium entrepreneurship and as a professor at the Catholic University.

His work consist in oversee the continued development of SalmonEx, in educating the marketplace on the benefits of this unique trading and transaction platform and to add value to the salmon industry.

Christopher J. Bosler Braun

CEO Bolsa de Productos de Chile

Christopher Bosler Braun has served as General Manager Bolsa de Productos de Chile (Chilean Commodities Exchange) since 2009. Prior to that, he held management positions in several international financial companies. From 2002-2009, he was General Manager in the venture capital managing company, Negocios Regionales S.A., subsidiary of Toronto Trust, where he managed a USD $23 million fund coming from BID, Toronto Trust, and Fundación Chile. Bosler Braun has served on various Boards, including Frutícola Angol S.A., Alto Atacama S.A., Grupo Digital S.A., EPC S.A., Movilmaster S.A., and Active Chemicals.

A Financial Consultant for the Board of Colegio San José de Chicureo and Board Member in Inmobiliaria San José de Chicureo, Bosler Braun has taught the Venture Capital course at Universidad Adolfo Ibañez. He holds a degree in Civil Industrial Engineering from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, with an electrical engineering specialization, where he graduated with maximum distinction. He also earned his MBA from the same university.