Source of prices:

It is constructed with weekly data from sales prices of 15 Chilean producers. The producers have signed a NDA with SalmonEx. These producers represent 80% of the fresh supply from Chile.

The SalmonEx Index is devised and managed by LVA Indices, leading financial indicators company in Chile.

Price and Product

The price is equivalent FOB Miami (After handling at cold storage). The product is Fresh Trim D Fillet. Only Premium Quality. Trim D represents 72% (aprox) of the supply of fresh fillet from Chile to the US market

As an unparalleled information resource, SalmonEx™ delivers real-time data that leads to better decision-making and planning.


Constructed from real market prices, The data for the elaboration of the index, is gathered directly from the sales prices of the producers.

SalmonEx Index Calculation Methodology
SalmonEx Rule Book

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